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  • Sophie G Wanderlin: One of Kind

    The New Face of Kindness, Sophie G Wanderlin is a one of a kind adventurer, where every day is a new adventure in kindness.  Join Sophie and her companion, Bob, The Cat, on their quest to make the world a kinder place.









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    Adventure Day One: The Book

    What if you could overcome a huge challenge in your life by choosing to be positive? When Rickey faced almost certain death from cancer, he and his wife P.J. turned to simple strategies that had seen them through some rough times in the past, and applied them to this greatest test of all.

    The first step they took was to change the way they viewed their challenge. Instead of believing that the days ahead would be overwhelming and unbearable, each day would be an adventure! That positive approach became their mainstay during the difficult times ahead.

    Learn their seven secrets for coping with life’s challenges in this powerful memoir and step-by-step guide. P.J. and Rickey will show you how you too can choose to face each day as an adventure, one that provides strength and peace during challenging times.