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A positive energy like no other, PJ is one-of-a-kind!  After three decades of influencing change in government, defense and aerospace industry, PJ is focused on mindfulness and our future.  While working on the creation of Sophie G Wanderlin, PJ had a vision of twenty years into the future.  She was on the stage again, but the audience wasn’t a group of middle-aged engineers, the audience was twentysomething year-olds.  They were all wearing rainbow socks, and they had grown up reading Sophie’s adventures.  Because of Sophie, these young people were loving, kind and respectful.

During the social marketing of her first book, Adventure, Day One – Seven Positive Strategies When Life’s Journey Gets Rough, a tweet came across that read, “If you want to change the future, write a children’s book”.  And that’s just what she did!  PJ promotes a positive self-image to create a culture of kindness from children to CEOs.  A creative force that can influence culture change, Sophie G Wanderlin, BOB, The Cat, along with Sophie’s friends, will make a difference and influence change in their own one-of-a-kind way!  Follow Sophie on Facebook or contact PJ on Twitter.


A little book about positivity will launch at a big NYC event

Edinburg, VA, September 11, 2014: To announce her new book, Adventure, Day One: 7 Positive Strategies When Life’s Journey Gets Rough, first-time author P.J. Jackson decided that no small-size book signing event would do. She has set her sights on the biggest venue: “I Can Do It!” ® a forum for authors hosted by Hay House that is being held September 20-21, 2014 in New York City. Jackson will be signing copies and giving away keepsake memory stones to each purchaser at the event.

You could say that Adventure, Day One is the little book that could. This part memoir-part self-help manual is small but has a large mission—to show people how they can cope with challenges in their lives. When her husband Rickey was diagnosed with AML Leukemia and faced almost certain death, Jackson wasn’t ready to cave. Four days into the diagnosis, the couple had decided they would call on the same can-do attitude that had helped them get through rough times in the past. The stakes were higher now, but the strategies were the same.

Their first strategy was to change the way they viewed the challenge. “Why not approach this as an adventure?” her husband asked. Instead of thinking of the disease as “overwhelming” and “unbearable,” they would change their thinking. So the couple embarked on their greatest adventure ever, turning each day—no matter how difficult—into a positive one, as Rickey battled the disease.