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Sophie G Wanderlin One of a Kind

Kindness matters…this book matters!

Love, kindness, and positivity is what this book is all about! Just by reading this book to one child made me smile – they loved BOB, they loved Sophie’s socks, and I loved the immediate connection we had to the story. The parent’s guide in the back of the book is not just for parents and their children, but, for anyone who wants to make a difference each day.

A must for any children’s library!

Sweet story! Vibrant and Charming Illustrations! WONDERFUL MESSAGE! May more books be written such as this little gem. Well done and well worth the read-over and over and over again. 😉

Beautiful message and illustrations!

My mom gave the girls this book as a gift. It’ s got a strong message of kindness and positivity and is a wonderful tool to help children to focus on what’s most important. Sophie also has a diverse circle of friends. My daughters and I love it and highly recommend adding this book to a child’s collection! It may be one of the most important stories in a boy or girl’s life.

Adventure, Day One 7 Positive Strategies When Life’s Journey Gets Rough

Because of PJ and Rickey’s inspiring journey I wake up every day and try to remember to make a choice to live a positive life. PJ is a brilliant author who generously shares a truly inspirational journey. She strikes the perfect balance between overcoming life’s challenging obstacles and providing useful, easy tips, motivating you towards daily positive choices. Adventure, Day One is easy to read again and again, continually provides calming encouragement. I recommend this book to anyone as a cherished guide, yet magnificent story, to overcome significant adversity or even just simple daily life worries. PJ genuinely portrays infectious optimism.

– Rina Delmonico, CEO/Founder of REN Inc.


Thank you, thank you for such an honest, emotive and optimistic telling of your “adventure”. My heart raced, tears formed, and smiles came. Your spirit and your undying positive energy were ever present throughout the book. Goodness!! PJ and Rickey, you both exemplify the power of KNOWING, not just believing, how we direct the course of our lives. Thank you, again!

– Gerry McWhinney, Owner, Mountain Mystic Company


We received your wonderful manuscript and noticed the section on Healing Music right away. We are so glad when our music can touch people and help their process of healing.

Thank you for sharing your “adventure” with the world and for including Sound Healing on your journey.

– Dean and Dudley Evenson, Co-founders of Soundings of the Planet